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Artwork Guidelines

We prefer .AI or .EPS files first because Vector images can be scaled without affecting quality. We prefer .PSD or .PDF second & .JPG or .TIFF last. We understand that sponsor logos generally are lower quality.

.ai: If you send us a vector file, please make sure you rasterize (or expand) all effects and create outlines of all text (or include all fonts).

.pdf: Make sure all fonts have been embedded on export.

.psd: Please label all layers so they make sense to other people working with the art.

Rasterize any effects or adjustment layers.


If you are creating your file in Adobe Illustrator, you will need to choose “Create Outlines” on all your text. This allows us to open the file without requiring the font.

Art Dimensions

Recommended Art Specs

  • Full Front: 10"-14" Wide
  • Full Back: 10.5"-12" Wide
  • Left Chest: 2-4" Wide (Maximum 4" Tall)
  • Locker Patch (Center, Back, Over Tag): 2-4" Wide
  • Short Sleeve: 3" all the way around
  • Long Sleeve: 3" Wide X 12" Tall
  • Left Leg (Shorts/Pants): 3-4" Wide (Maximum 4" Tall